Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Every Picture tells a Story

I love buying magazines and I especially love the magazines where there are stories of people who have lost weight. The stories usually start with a trigger, something that made them want to lose the weight and in a lot of instances it is a picture. Maybe they hadn't quite realised how much weight they had been gaining. (I can tell you I have been pretty creative in the past about avoiding mirrors). So when a picture comes along that shows every ripple of fat in glorious technicolor, it is often a wake up call for most people.

For me this was a holiday picture. I had been on holiday to Barbados. I had, had an amazing, relaxing time and when I got the pictures developed, there was one that... well... was bloody awful. We had been out for a wildlife tour of the island which was an amazing day and during the tour, were taken high up onto a cliff to look at a spectacular bay. My mum in law to be, Christine had decided to stay behind in the jeep and as we were walking back took a picture of me, my other half Chris and my father in law to be, Rick. 

I remember shopping for clothes for the holiday and feeling a bit low that nothing fit very well. I didn't want to display my body as I knew I had put on a lot of weight, but then because it was so hot, I didn't want to be wearing heavy, cover up clothes. When we booked the tour, we were all given a T-Shirt (I had to have the largest size as nothing else fit and wore my short leggings.) I look really hefty in the picture. Seeing that, I realised how much weight I had actually gained and there was a bit of a jaw dropping realisation. I knew something had to be done. I began to research the best way to lose weight, but just needed that final push over the edge. (By the way the holiday itself was proper awesome and I had an amazing time! - my top tip never play pool with Christine)

That final push came when my lovely other half proposed. I want to spend as much time as possible with this wonderful man and be able to live our lives together to the fullest. By being overweight I was hampering chances of that. I'm not going to fib there is also a healthy dose of vanity, (I want the option of as many wedding dresses as possible!)

And so the journey began. At the start of the year, I wanted to lose 2 and a half stone. Up stepped Chris to support me and Kate to help me with the diet and exercise, and so we are off. My last photos are the latest photo of me taken today. I have a long way to go as you can see, (Kate Moss won't be quaking in her boots yet!) But I already feel healthier and fitter and am really enjoying it. I am getting great support from family and friends and it is always fab to hear 'Have you lost weight?'

My hair weighs at least 10lb
By the way, Can I just say, I had just washed my hair and had not had chance to straighten it (hello frizz-ease!). Also Chris is about 7 ft tall and took the photo standing on a chair by the look of this. I look hobbit-sized! (I'm actually 5ft 9!)

So that's my story. I hope you like the blog. xxxx

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