Sunday, 31 March 2013

Chrisfit is here !

This morning, I found a sign on my door.

And so begins 90 days of a fitness plan designed by lovely Chris, which we have lovingly called "Chrisfit". Day 1 was supposed to be the 5k Parkrun, but sadly because of the snow and ice it wasn't safe to run and the event was cancelled. There was no let up for me though! Oh no, if we can't run a 5k in the park, we'll do it at the gym instead. We drove Elsie, my new car, to the gym and I did a treadmill 5k. It was a mess! I haven't done any steady exercise for about a month and it was not pretty. But I did it and clocked a 5k start time (treadmill) of 42.12.

On return home, we did measurements. Ouch that hurt seeing the evidence in black and white! But onwards and upwards (but hopefully not outwards eh?).

Tried another yummy recipe of grilled chicken and avocado melt. God bless Zest magazine they are keeping my in good recipes at the mo.

After giving the house a thorough clean, Chris sat down to tweak Chrisfit and with instructions not to look at my phone, I was given the orientation! Chris had prepared a welcome document detailing the aims and goals of Chrisfit. It was very powerful seeing it in black and white.

And then I was shown the first 30 days plan! It looks ace. (And I will need to keep reminding myself of that when I am doing squats and press ups). I feel very excited about this as Chris really does know his stuff.

I made tea (with lots of help from Chris!) I made veg chilli and sweet potato wedges. I do actually believe that we are currently cornering the market in sweet potato at the moment and then we settled down to watch the first in a new series of Doctor Who. Heaven!

Elsie is settling in nicely. We do tend to give our cars characters. I see Elsie as one of the nannas from the Shreddies advert. Chris sees her more as Helen Mirren's character in RED. Graceful and cool, whilst knowing how to use an Uzi. Hmmm not sure how I feel about that!
Elsie (Caroline Style)

Elsie (Chris style)
   I am very lucky to have such amazing support from Chris. Chris knows that I have been unhappy with my weight for a long time. When I think I want to be slim, he genuinely believes that I can do it. At times, I can barely believe it myself, so having that reassurance is terrific. I am one lucky girl! I do hope, if you are on a weight loss journey that you receive some great support, whether from a partner, a family member or even a slimming group. It is important.

Where do you receive your support from? Are you helping someone yourself? I'd love to hear about it!

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