Sunday, 3 March 2013

The story so far.....

At the start of every new series of Friends, there was always a quick piece to camera catching you up with events from the previous series. The piece was usually done by my favourite character, Phoebe, and caught you up with the latest twist in the Ross/Rachel saga, Joey's latest career turn and Monica and Chandler's efforts to be together/get married/have a baby. At the end of this quick catch up, Phoebe would turn to camera and asks"So how've you been?" And you were into the next series. I am going to take a leaf out of the Friends book and do the same.

Last year I decided to do a weight loss blog as part of my 12in2012 challenge. With the help of my friend Kate, I managed to lose 34 lbs and then things began to stall. My job became more stressful and I couldn't seem to prioritise efficiently. Weight loss became hard and then Christmas happened.. And along with Christmas came a whole new host of festive eating! 2013 started and I couldn't get focused. But then came a lovely holiday, visiting my sister who lives in Switzerland. It was a time to breathe and refocus. I missed my life! I missed eating healthily, exercising and blogging. It was time to get back in the game. My job is now twice as stressful, unfortunately. But rather than looking at just weight loss, I'm looking at the bigger picture.

My sister gave me a great piece of advice and it goes along the lines of "when you know where you are going, and what the end game looks like, everything else just falls into place". It's a great piece of advice and a journey I will be sharing on here. There will still be lots of weight loss bits and pieces, but also some other wider bits. I have had a spring clean of my blog, and lots of my older posts have gone. It's time to start anew.

So how've you been ? 

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