Sunday, 13 October 2013

Films that ..... Inspire me to fitness

I love movies, and find that if ever I need a little bit of exercise inspiration it can always be found in a rollicking good film. So without further ado... Here is my list of films to inspire/motivate.....

1) Warrior - set in the world of MMA, this follows the path of 2 estranged brothers in the world's toughest Mixed Martial Arts contest, both fighting for different, but important reasons. Nick Nolte provides Oscar nominated support as the brothers recovering alcoholic father. This movie is just wonderful. It features a brilliant training montage scene (Chris will tell you I spend my life in a good montage scene!) and the end is just beautiful and makes me cry every time.

Warrior Trailer

2) Hero - my favourite film ....ever. (If The Predator DVD had been pinched) Breathtaking and beautiful. A nameless warrior appears before the Emperor having defeated 2 enemy assassins, but is he telling the truth... And is everything as it seems? Wonderful martial arts and the use of colour is outstanding. I see something new in this film each time I watch it. 

 Hero Trailer

3) Haywire - watch this for Gina Carano, she is my inspiration... And boy does she kick ass! Gina is a former MMA fighter who has recently appeared in Fast and Furious 6. What I love about Gina is that she isn't your usual skinny Minnie Hollywood star, but shows that strong can be glamorous. The film itself is so so, but she is great.

Haywire Trailer

4) Terminator 2 - my friends will tell you that my celebrity embarassing crush is Arnie. What's not to love .... Arnie in leather on a Harley...... Sigh.......(returns from happy place). In this film, my exercise inspiration comes from Linda Hamilton. The sight of her doing pull ups is enough to have me running to the gym and picking up every dumbbell I can lift. 

5) The Karate Kid - this is the remake version with Jackie Chan not the 80's Ralph Macchio version. I love this film. It was made with the co-operation of the Chinese Film Board and the locations are just beautiful. Jackie Chan is his usual awesome self, training Jaden Smith for a martial arts competition in which he comes face to face with his school bullies. Amazing fight scenes and another cracking training montage. 

Karate Kid Trailer

A special nod must also got to go to Fast and Furious 6 and any film starring Jennifer Garner. She is fab and again can kick ass! 

Watching any of these is guaranteed to make me itch to do exercise. 

What films inspire you to dust off the weights?

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