Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Adventures in Switzerland....Part 2

Following our climb up the mountain, it was felt that the 3 of us deserved a treat and what better treat then a visit to a Swiss wellness spa. And so we found ourselves at Solo Uno at Rheinfelden. We had been organised and packed our swimming gear already. My typical British reserve was tested slightly when I saw that the changing rooms were communal. eek! But there were plenty of cubicles to change in private and the showers had very discreet doors, so all modesty was protected.

Solo Uno has a range of pools, we started off with the outside pools which was very warm. It had beds and chairs to lie and sit on in the pool itself where you could watch the world go by. The water was also higher in salt then we are used to over here which made floating a breeze. There was a 'whirpool' section of the pool, which was circular and once you entered would spin you round. I got a fit of the giggles as Helen and Chris whizzed by, and then giggled even more when my poor sis, got stuck and couldn't get out, whizzing past me mouthing 'Help me'. (She got out eventually!)

We then tried out the large massage pool. This was amazing. Basically jets were situated around the pool, which massaged different parts of you. An arrow would light up when it was time to move you onto the next jet. My favorites were the jets situated under your feet which were powerful enough to raise you off the floor of the pool. It felt like having a reflexology massage. We tried out the jacuzzi and then moved onto the steam rooms. There were 3 of them, lit up like coloured boxes and each had a different steam flavour - eucalyptus, vanilla or citrus. We opted for the vanilla and it was heaven. Then off to try the alpine waterfall (bloody cold) and the Rainforest waterfall (lovely and warm).

Having being spun round like a spinning top, my sister exacted her revenge by challenging me to go into the 2 plunge pools. (I had already had a go at the cold one and being a total wuss made it up to my calves before squealing and running out like a girl). But after seeing an old lady do it, my sister was having none of my wussiness and made me go in again. The first pool is the ice pool. I went in and was challenged to touch the back wall. The water was up to my chest. It was freezing! But I did it. Then you plunge into the fire pool, which is heated to 40 degrees. It was an odd sensation, but my legs felt better for it! The final section was the dead sea pool, which was a pool that had the same salt content as the Dead Sea. People were floating by and music was played under the water.

We decided to go back into the outdoor pool, which was now under starlight. It was wonderful to float and lazily swim while looking up at the stars. Brilliant!

This whole experience was incredible. The spa was very busy, with couples, families and friends meeting up to 'Take the Waters'. Switzerland has a reputation for its health and with places like these it is possible to see why. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night. My other observation is that the Swiss do not have a 'no petting' rule. There were lots of canoodling couples. Blimey!

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