Thursday, 17 October 2013

An Exciting weekend... And why I can't catch trains

A few months ago at work I was lucky enough to attend a course about Coaching. I LOVED it! I took so much from the course and found coaching to be a really powerful tool. I have signed up for some coaching myself and whilst checking out one of my favourite websites, saw an advert for The Coaching Academy, who were running free 2 day courses, one of which happened to be for the following weekend in Manchester. I signed up immediately!

The Coaching Academy is the largest coach training organisation in Britain. It hosts free 2 day courses around the country as a taster course so that attendees can see if coaching is for them, which course is best for you and whether the Coaching Academy is the best fit for you.

The course was packed, with over 100 people attending. The first part of day one centred around what coaching is and the GROW model. We got the chance to try out coaching with other delegates and receive coaching ourselves. The afternoon centred on goal setting effectively. It utilised the Be/Do/Have tool and the Wheel of Life exercise. I have seen the wheel of life exercise used before, but the way that the trainer explained it was very powerful. Basically imagine 'Bully's Prize Board' from the 80's show Bullseye divided into 8 quadrants, with each quadrant representing something important in your life. Then you are asked to score each quadrant at the moment.  So for example, One of my quadrants was blogging. I scored myself a 4 out of 10 as I felt that I don't spend the time I want to on my blogging. Then in the next outer circle, you write what a 10 in your quadrant feels like, so for me I get to to blog 4 days a week. Then in the final outer circle, I wrote the goals that will get me from a 4 to a 10 (well hello Facebook!). I felt really good after day one and was already looking forward to day 2! 

The morning of day 2 kicked off with a session about limiting beliefs, the things that stop us from getting to where we want to. Again this was a fantastic and powerful session. We also discussed comfort zones, stretch and panic zones. 

There was a bonus session over lunch about the courses available and the afternoon centred on what it was like to train with the Coaching Academy, what a career as a coach looks like and what you can expect to earn. There was an element of selling in this section, but given the quality of training and the fact that it was free, it seemed only fair that we received a presentation promoting the Coaching Academy. And then it was time to say our goodbyes. 

I really enjoyed my 2 day course with the Coaching Academy. It was challenging, inspirational and a brilliant introduction to coaching. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about becoming a coach, or is interested in receiving coaching to attend. It only costs you the price of your train fare and a lunch! The training is high quality and at the end of the day, you choose whether to sign up immediately, sign up later or not at all. 

My journey ended up with me travelling on the wrong train and ending up at Manchester Airport! I didn't have my passport, so couldn't flee the country. I swear I always get lost in Manchester! 

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