Saturday, 2 November 2013

Adventures in Switzerland ....Part 3

When we awoke on Sunday it became apparent that we ached! Climbing a mountain had definitely taken its toll on Chris and me. We had an hours walk around Basel, which became more painful as the day went in. (I resembled Shaun the Sheep with my stiff legs!). The heavens opened and so we went back to Helen's apartment and made a cake and vegetable soup and curled up with a good movie. It was lovely to catch up and relax.

On the Monday, we went to Kolmar, a beautiful town in Alsace, which has strong French and German influences. We started out in 'Little Venice' which had lots of little houses, running alongside a beautiful green canal. Whilst walking around we saw a little train taking a tour round the town and so decided to hop on and find out all about the town. It would seem that the sculptor Bartholi had some kind of stranglehold over statues in the town, as we turned every corner there were all manner of sculptures, all  done by this prolific man. But joking aside they were very beautiful.

We indulged in a bit of French cafe people watching (always fascinating) and as usually happens, Chris ordered a beer that arrived and was 14 times bigger than the usual pint of beer! ( I swear waiters take pity on Chris or something!). Feeling refreshed we carried on exploring this beautiful town.

Soon it was time to head back to the airport and home. Feeling sad to say goodbye to my sister, we boarded the plane (after the obligatory security search of course and believe it or not, this time I was searched - The horror!). We arrrived back in Manchester in howling winds and rain and always happens each time I travel in Manchester...... I got lost. Gaaaahhhhh!


  1. I'm already lost! But you seemed to have a good time in Switzerland. Not been there, but have been to Austria in the Alps region. I imagine it may be similar.
    good stuff.

  2. I have not been to Switzerland but it looks like a place I'd love to visit. Thanks for sharing your story and photo's :)