Monday, 4 November 2013

Things I learnt from the Swiss

I hope you have all had a great weekend. I had a fab weekend with my in laws. We went to see England vs Ireland in the Rugby League World Cup. We had a great time. Recap soon!

Chris had me giggling this morning with our shopping list notice board. For those of you who might not know, Lovely Chris is fond of an egg or two (or six) and decided on our shopping list for the week. Haha. Mind you, the swine moved the pin on the chocolate and wine section of the board. Hmmm.......

I do hope that you have enjoyed hearing about our adventures in Switzerland. We had a fab time and it made me reflect, which I usually do after each holiday, on things that I love about the country I have just visited. My sister loves living in Switzerland and finds that she really enjoys the pace of life that this beautiful country has to offer. So in no particular order, here are my fave bits about Switzerland!

(1) Seeing my sis - I miss my sis lots, it's always wonderful to see her and a selfish part of me wishes she lived round the corner from me! 

(2) Solo Uno - I mean wow! What a place. I have never visited such an amazing spa. My favourite part were the jets under your feet. You felt like you were on a hover board, they were that powerful! 

(3) The sights and sounds of standing on top of a mountain - and no that isn't some kind of self help metaphor! Looking from the top of the mountain and seeing fields swathed in green velvet and the tinkling of cow bells. Some of the cows may have been doing Zumba, they were that noisy! 

(4) Emphasis on health and well being  - At the weekends there is a strong leaning to doing a whole range of activities such as mountain climbing, swimming, attending a spa and jogging. My goodness there were lots of joggers! On the Saturday night when we went to the spa, I couldn't believe how busy the pool was with people of all ages, couples and families, old and young. It was fab to see (and sure beat a night of heavy drinking and waking up feeling awful the next day!)

(5) French supermarkets - this is a bit of a cheat as it is not technically Switzerland, but I felt it deserved a special mention. French supermarkets are AWESOME! The range of produce, fish and wine is stunning. In France the farmer is king, not the supermarket, which means great quality fruit and veg at a fair price. (Steps off soap box).

(6) The chocolate  - need I say anymore! By the way this so has to be my perfect place of work! 

We had a fab time. If you get chance, do visit. It is an amazing place! 


  1. Lovely to hear about your travels - and love the shopping list - does it fit in your handbag?

  2. I've been to Switzerland - it's an amazing place.
    And yes the chocolate is amazing - much better than the North American stuff.

  3. I'd love to go to Switzerland, great post!