Friday, 3 January 2014

Down.....but not out

I hope you are all doing good and if you have set any goals that they are cooking along nicely! So for the first time in about 8 years, Chris and I have until 6 January off work. ( we used to both work in retail which meant about 2 1/2 hours off each Christmas). We had an amazing Christmas visiting our parents and returned back home for a new Years Eve party on 30 December. The rest of the time was going to be spent getting ready for 2014. You know the sort of thing - planning food, workouts, spring cleaning the house, having a good old sort.

We had planned to start our year with the New Years Day Parkrun. What better way could there be to starting off our New Years! 

On the journey home from a lovely New Years Party with our friends, Chris began to get sick, really sick . I'm talking flu here. It wasn't pleasant and we both had a horrendous night's sleep. We din't go to Park Run and then I got poorly too. (By the way, I discovered I make a shocking nurse. Poor Chris!) 

And so we are both having to take it really easy and rest. I'm going to get a cuppa and spend an hour with the workbook I was telling you about. In the meantime, spare a though for Chris who is having to cope with Nurse Ratchett looking after him!

Rebecca's question of the day is a good one today! - Can people change? 

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