Sunday, 12 January 2014

Martine Holston Define your Year workbook

Hi there,

Hope you are all doing well. First of all I have a great picture and quote to share with you. The card was sent by one of my old colleagues and started the year on a very positive note indeed! 

I had great fun with th'ipad trying to take these photos. At one point it took about 16 shots of my hand. I won't be sharing those I can tell you! 

Chris and I got our weekends off to a great start by doing our first Park Run in forever. It was soooooo good to go back. I was involved in a game of overtake/be overtaken with one of my friends. She has been consistently going and has recently done her 50th run and completely owned the mini race we were having! We definitely spurred each other on though. I was chuffed just to finish. It was so lovely to be back. My body is not forgiving me today mind. I ache in such weird places! My bottom, tops of my arms and tummy all taking the brunt. Am hoping a hot shower will sort it all out!

In my last post, I mentioned that I was working on the Martine Holston Define your Theme workbook. The idea is to create a theme for the year, rather than new year resolutions and will define how you are and how you live your life rather than what you are doing. You can learn more about this at where there is a copy of the workbook I have used to Download and write in. 

The first section is a warmup section, asking you about highlights of the year just gone. (Mine included watching the triathlon, visiting my sister and doing 2 coaching courses). Then thinking about 3 things to leave behind (being constantly poorly was definitely one of those!), thinking about how I have changed and what I want to be in the next year, what I want to do in the next year, how I will fell this time next year and asking what I want. 

The next section is finding your theme. This involved going through the warm up stages and picking out words that are repeated or really speak to you, looking up their definitions and then whittling it down to one or two words. I had definitely circled lots of healthy, energise, joy, balance type words. I looked up the definitions and found synonyms of the words and then looking over the words, picked out the word which really spoke to me, and dare I say, gave me butterflies. That words was:


To cause to feel happily refreshed and energetic
To make cheerful or merry
Syn: invigorating, thrilling, refreshing, uplifting

Step 2 is defining your theme. I went through the different areas of my life and wrote down what living this word would mean for areas such as Heath, friends and family, love, career and spirituality. 

Step 3 is bringing the theme to life by setting 3 small goals and one big, scary one. 

Step 4 is integrating your theme into daily life - how are you going to remind yourself of it each single day? 

Step 5 is setting some checkpoints and step 6 is announcing it to the world! 

I really enjoyed doing this exercise. Quite often I set myself unrealistic goals and then beat myself up about them when I fail to complete them. This is great though, as it gives you a state of mind that I can live my goals by. 

I would really recommend this workbook to do. (My sister has also had a go and loved it!) it takes about an hour, so set yourself up with a lovely hot cuppa and a quiet hour by yourself and enjoy! 

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