Monday, 6 January 2014

Massive Monday

So it was a very appropriate question of the day today - what is the toughest thing you have had to do today? That was an easy one! Get out of bed at 7am to go back to work after the Christmas break! My goodness, I think there were hibernating bears who were less sleepy than I am. 

It was lovely to see everyone at work again, less sure about actually being there and getting up early! But I was told that it was Massive Monday today. Apparently on this date is usually when most people make massive, life-altering decisions such as choosing to divorce, hand in their notice etc. why today? 

I guess the extra days off at Christmas give us a good time to reflect on our lives. With having the flu (which we are finally getting rid of thank goodness) we didn't have anything else to do but rest, recuperate, charge batteries and tackle the odd tin of Roses. I got to do my 'Define your Theme' workbook, which I loved doing and which I am going to blog about in my next post. I now feel more focused on my goals and theme rather than charging head first trying to do 330 worthy goals all in one go without really thinking about what my goals mean to me. I also discovered a great new phrase called 'unit thinking'. This is the principle of focusing on one thing at a time and giving all thought to a task. I need this so much. I cannot do a task, watch TV, exercise without thinking of the next thing I should be doing, watching, working out at. At times my brain goes so crazy I can be doing one thing and thinking of 15 other things at the same time, and 'to do' lists? Don't get me started! I have a to do list of which the last thing is to write another to do list! Instead it is recommended to write a to do list of one task and then you can focus entirely on it, rather than splitting yourself in many directions. 

It is a brilliant principle and one which I confess I find quite hard. You feel like you could just keep an eye on the emails, whilst doing a task, which you are doing at the same time as another task. For me, I feel more productive if I am juggling 15 things. 

Today, I decided to turn it on its head and apply 'unit thinking' at work.... It was brilliant, tough but brilliant and I definitely had a more productive day than usual. 

This has turned into a bit of a rambling post! But what I wanted to say was I hope everyone got time to have a rest, recuperate and generally have a good mull over things.! 

Ooh and if you fancy a different question of the day.....
What was the last restaurant you had a meal in? 

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