Tuesday, 28 January 2014

This is 40!!!!!

Hi there,

Hope you all had a great weekend. I certainly did as I had rather a significant birthday to celebrate! (That's right I'm 23 again!). 

My birthday celebrations started when I got into work on Friday morning. 

Check out my pug bag! 

Well if I can't have an office pug, then a bag will have to do! 

In the evening my work went out for my colleague Sarah's leaving do. I stuck to the sparkling water as I knew I would be park running the next day. 

I improved my Park run time by 40 seconds which was a great start to the day and got to see our new windows in the daylight. They look amazing! 

Chris and I baked bread and watched Flash Gordon in the afternoon with a glass of prosecco. I was then told to get ready for a night out. Chris wouldn't tell me where, but assured me that "I would get fed" (what can I say - I always like to know where my next meal is coming from!). Then it was time to go.

Chris said that our friends were going to give us a lift into town. They did and then carried on driving out of town. (I was beginning to think we'd been kidnapped) but then we pulled into Bar 315. As I walked through the door I found 12 of my friends sat there all ready to have a meal!!

Chris had completely surprised me! My friends are like my family and I could not imagine a more perfect birthday than spending it with the people I love. 

A bunch if us came back to ours and had more wine and prosecco and played Cards against Humanity. Then at midnight, my friends wished me Happy Birthday! 

I received some amazing presents including these ear muff headphones for running. 

I received vouchers, stationery, pink fizz, books, and beautiful flowers. I was a very spoiled girl indeed! 

I have such an amazing and brilliant bunch of friends and family and I love them all. Everyone had been so thoughtful and generous. My sister was so worried about not getting a card to me, she sent 3! And 2 bunches of flowers, and I can't wait for her to come and visit us. 

My biggest hugs and cuddles though go to Chris, who knowing what I would love, set out and organised it. A career in MI6 beckons based on his top secret actions! 

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