Saturday, 22 February 2014

And I'm back in the room.....

Hi there,

I've had a bit if a tweak of the blog. I hope you like it. I'm taking my inspiration from the Winter Olympics. For the first time, I've managed to watch it and it's been brilliant. All that snow is making me wish that we had, had some good winter weather. (At the moment the British weather has been wind,rain,wind,rain with a bit of wind and rain added in!)

I'm going to be posting a bit more for the coming month! yay! I have missed the blogging! Also coming up will be my personal weight loss relaunch. If I am honest, I have not had a lot of motivation for a number months now and you know when you feel like you are merely toying with something, well I am in that place. My weight has been steadily creeping back up and my fitness levels have dropped soooooo much. I'm really excited to be getting back to it as I've really missed it. I hope you'll come along for the ride as well!

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