Monday, 24 February 2014

My new gym workout

Hi there, hope you have had a good start to the week. In my last post I talked about my session with one of the sports centre staff and completely forgot to share with you my brand new workout! (Doh!) anyhoo, without further ado - here it is!

10 minutes treadmill using one of the programmes at Level 2/3
10 minutes cross trainer using one of the programmes at Level 8-12 (level 8 nearly killed me!)

3 x 15 reps Chest press
3x 15 reps Shoulder Press
3 x 15 Tricep Pushdown
3x 15 Bicep Curls
3 x 20 Leg Extensions
3 x 20 Leg Curl
3 x 10 Leg Raises (laid down)
3 x 45 seconds Plank (Please note this is something to aim for, I am unable to plank for 15 seconds at the moment!)
3 x 10 sit-ups on a half ball (slithering off optional hahaha)
3 x 10 knees to chest

What does make me giggle is that I do the triceps and biceps on this structure where all the big boys work out! They are lifting enormous weights and because I have the arm strength of a T-Rex, I am lifting the tiny weights tee-hee!

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