Sunday, 23 February 2014

The post in which I fall off a Bosu Ball

Since, ooh well before Christmas, I have seriously not being feeling the exercise thang and have been 'playing' at it somewhat. I decided that it was time to take this by the scruff of the neck and give it a good shake. I can be quite lazy, when it comes to exercise and if I'm honest, depending what what mood I'm in, I will not push myself as much as I can. So I decided to take myself off to the gym and speak to one of the instructors about setting me up with a programme designed to challenge me. He certainly delivered!

So I am now doing programmes on the treadmill and cross trainer.... How did I not know about these before! Holy smoke they are fab! So you choose how you would like the workout profile (e.g. Short burst of energy/a steady build up/more work at the end etc.) then how long you want to do it for, and then finally at what level. The machines up gradients, resistance according to the programme and if you feel it's too easy or too hard you can up or down your speed accordingly.

My instructor then gave me lots of exercises on the weight machines, doing high amounts of reps. The idea my arms or legs should be burning by the end of the exercise and boy were they ever! I made the classic rookie mistake of saying 'oh this feels quite easy' after 3 reps, my instructor smiled knowingly and after 40 reps I had sweat in my eyes and was nearly crying with the pain. Hahaha!

My instructor asked how my core was, I said I didn't think I had one, he laughed again and in a James Bond villainesque use way said 'oh we'll soon find it'. (I swear if he had a moustache he would have been twirling it!)

So, after some debate about what constitutes a sit up. (Apparently my 'lady sit-ups ' just weren't cutting the mustard - I knew this when he looked me dead in the eye and asked 'can you do a man sit up' hahaha) I was made to sit on a Bosu ball and asked to do a sit up. Bosu balls are like a Swiss ball cut in half. I leaned back to start my sit up and promptly slithered off the back!! It was so funny we both ended up laughing! Just for that alone, I got given a few more core exercises.

My new programme is really challenging and I was really pleased I went to see the staff there. They really know their stuff and it will definitely push me. If, like me you are really feeling a bit meh about the gym, go and see the staff. They will find out what you like, what you do 'to like and more importantly what you are capable of.

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