Thursday, 28 August 2014

Well hello there!

Do you have one of those friends, who you don't see for an absolute age, but who is always in your thoughts and who, when you see them, you pick up instantly where you left off? I am lucky to have a number of friends like that (I'm looking at you Nina, Kate M, Kate H and Bec) I also feel that way about this blog. 

Last year I was starting to blog regularly and then the wheels came off a bit. (Well a lot!). Without going into too much detail I was diagnosed with depression brought on by stress. I hadn't read the warning signs and it kind of crept up on me. Whilst I am still not 100% (lord knows I am still the most stressed person at work! - my poor long suffering colleagues), I am starting to stick my head back up over the parapet and one thing I have realised is that I have missed my blog. 

And so here I am. One thing that is certainly not helping is my weight! Boy did I put on that bad boy! And so I am bringing it back to old school and going back to my first love - running. I am following a brilliant 5k running plan created by Runs for Cookies and it is lovely. Today I got to see my village on a beautiful sunny day. 

So I have picked up with two good old friends - this blog and running. 

It's nice to be back..... So how've you been? 

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