Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A day in the life .... Day one

HFor posterity, I thought I'd share with you my first day with my new hours.....

6.50am wake up
6.55am - Get up/ get dressed, put a load of washing on
7.10am - Make breakfast
7.20am - Eat breakfast, (wholemeal muffin, scrambled egg and tomato)
7.35am - say goodbye to Chris
7.40am - write blog post
8.00am - Tae Bo !!!!!
8.30am - finish Tae Bo and collapse!!!!!

Yes I am really that red!!
8.45am - enjoy a coffee with the nespresso machine

9am - wash up, put washing out, get ready for work
10.00am - travel to work
10.30am to 12.30pm - work
12.30- 1pm lunch - a chicken tikka flatbread, crisps and a creme egg. I can't tell any difference in the chocolate casing.
1pm -5.25pm (stayed later then I meant to)
5.25pm off for my Monday cuppa with Cath and Timmy. When I arrive, Timmy is naked and manages to make us giggle by doing a doggy belly flop. (I feel I should explain that Timmy is a dog just in case you are wondering what situation I have got myself into here)
7.30pm - home and tea with Chris
8-10pm - chill with an episode of Robin of Sherwood which is fast becoming my guilty pleasure. Chris wonders what the dickens I am watching as grown men towel each other down and there is male mud wrestling. I swear I don't remember it being like this. what with naked Timmy, and the episode of Robin of Sherwood, we christen this "Monday porn".
10.30pm off to bed

Not bad eh!!!

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