Sunday, 11 January 2015

Happy new year !!!!

Happy new year from me to you, I hope that you had an a brilliant Christmas with lots of fun, giggles and the odd Home Alone Movie!!

It's been a while, and I have missed my blog so very much. So what's been happening? I briefly touched on my 2014 in an earlier post but am slowly and surely picking myself right back up. Back in early 2014, I was diagnosed with severe depression brought on by stress. I have had depression about 10 years ago, but did not see this one coming. The warning signs were all there, apathy, lack of excitement for the things I usually Christmas for example, which I stumbled through blindly. I think the best way I can describe depression, is that it there is no joy anymore. And we all need a bit of joy in our life. 

Now before you think this post is resembling a Morrisey song, then don't worry. Spoiler alert.... I am getting better, a lot better. I saw the Doctor and did a course of counselling, am learning to say no at times, and am fighting back with a whole heap of positive things to do. Today, is the first time I feel genuinely excited and happy again about my life. Chris has been amazing, as always. 

And I am finding the joy again. 

So don't give up, it will change and be better. 

Now before you think, oh no, it's finally happened, caddyslims has turned all spiritual, I can assure you I haven't! The blog will continue to be a record of my mad experiences. Starting with our visit to see The Hobbit last night. 

We were in the cinema, in a relatively quiet screen. There were abundant seats everywhere, on every row. A young man comes in and sits.... Right next to me. Even more bizarre, he came in with 2 lady friends, and they sat with him for a moment and then went an sat elsewhere....AND HE STAYED WHERE HE WAS!!!! Next to me. He was a good companion.... He giggled at all the funny bits and ate about a ton and a half of sour cream crisps, but I couldn't stretch out my legs. Hahaha! Chris and I got a fit of the giggles and could not stop. It was brilliant. Oooh and The Hobbit was really good too. 

So I'm back, and very pleased about it too. Oh and I will be changing the colour scheme of my blog soon. How I did not realise I was depressed with that colour scheme I will never know. 

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