Monday, 19 January 2015

Happy work life balance day

Hi there, 

Hope you all had a fab weekend! I had a brill one. It has been snowy and icy here in our neck of the woods. This normally makes me really giddy, but not when I have 4 tip runs to do over the hills! We ended up calling it off after one tip run as the ice began to make the roads a bit scared to say the least. Despite 'Ice Road Truckers' being a complete TV guilty pleasure, I have seriously not picked up any of their driving skills and end up clamping the wheel in a vice like death grip, when driving in snow and ice. That coupled with Elsie's brakes being a bit, ahem keen, mean that I am able to achieve jumps that Torvill and Dean would be proud of! 

I also got to have a great time with my friends as we went for an amazing breakfast at our local farm shop. Not only did we have full English breakfasts, but because we were talking so much ended up staying for a jam and scone as well. It was all yummy. 

I have an odd title for my post today, and it is not an official named day, but it is one to me. So today, I commence my reduced working hours. The last year has left me feeling frazzled and exhausted and whilst not fully out of the woods, I am feeling so much better. One of the things to help me, is I have taken a reduction in my working hours and have changed my working patterns slightly, in that while I still work each day, I start my work day later, the idea being that I can fill my morning doing the things I love such as a bit of exercise, writing here along with a few house jobs as well. And it's Day One!!! 

I had been nervous about reducing my hours and a lot of the weekend was spent in doubt - have I done the right thing, do my work colleagues think I am lazy, can we take the money hit? This ended up working me up into a bit of a state on Saturday night, but after seeing those friends and talking with Chris, I approach this with excitement. I mean, seriously, it will be so nice working out each day before work and not at 6am. It will be nice to have time to drink a cup of coffee and really savour it, I will have time to menu plan, I can actually look after lovely Chris for a change, instead of him looking after me.... And we are making lots of changes to our house, which means I can always do a good tip run or two. 

I appreciate that not everyone can make the financial sacrifice, and that to some it may seem a bit self indulgent, heaven knows I have thought that myself. But... If you are sick, would you keep carrying on and carrying on until you collapsed and ended up in hospital? Because that is what depression is, a sickness. 

This ended up being a longer and more personal post than usual, but I am very optimistic and am looking forward to the opportunities this affords me. And as a I dust off my copy of Billy Blank Tae Bo, I have a smile on my face (and fear in my heart - this is going to hurt) have a great day xx

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