Wednesday, 28 January 2015

I've made it to the second floor part two

I woke up on Sunday at 8am to find Chris staring intently at me. Now, if I had half a brain, I would have twigged that he was up to something, but what can I say people! It was 8 o'clock in the flipping morning. I was barely functioning. I went to make a cup of tea and when I came back found an envelope propped up in my bedside table which announced 'important information inside'.

When I opened it I found this letter....

I appear to have taken the above photo with a wobbly hand... It read

" my darling Caroline, 
Today we are going on an adventure! 
It might take a little while so I need you to pack an overnight bag
In the bag you.l need to have some gym wear and trainers, some swimwear and something to wear for going out ( you can check with me if you like) 
Other details will be provided on a need to know basis
So get packing" 

Wooho! We were off on a road trip. After packing at about a million miles an hour, I was handed another envelope when we got to the car. Chris had mapped out a route to where we were going.mchris had plotted all the A roads so that he could drive, but as it would add another hour to the journey, then I said I would drive and Chris would be navigator. (I was so touched by this - Chris had really thought of everything.). We arrived at The Parsonage spa hotel just outside of York. As check in wasn't until 2pm we hit the gym and I had a good go at hill cycling and did a 2.5k run. 

For the next surprise, Chris had booked an afternoon tea at the spa, which consisted of 3 types of sandwiches, cakes and scones all laid out out on delicate China. It was sooooo nice. We checked in and then returned to the spa which was 30second walk away. The spa had a beautiful pool, large jacuzzi and a steam room, sauna, aromatherapy room and salt inhalation room. 

The facilities were great. In some spas the jacuzzis have been tiny and you feel almost like you are sitting on top of other people. This one was huge so we got time to have a chat without disturbing the other people in the jacuzzi. The sauna was soooooo hot, but was brilliant. I do love a hot sauna. I had never been in a salt inhalation room before. The idea being that the salt balances you back out after exercise. It is like a steam room but with a big salt crystal in the middle. After all of this pampering we laid out on the sun loungers and I was feeling so relaxed I nearly nodded off. For those who know me, I NEVER fall asleep in public, but came close this time.

Then Chris told me had booked treatments for us. I had a facial and Chris had a back massage. It was heaven, as part of the facial I also received a face and scalp massage.

We returned back to the hotel feeling immensely chilled, and it was then time to get ready for dinner at the hotel which was amazing! I had Brie tart, pork loin and then a winter crumble. It tasted amazing and was presented beautifully. After all of this beautiful food, we staggered back to our room and had a great snooze. 

The next morning, we sadly checked out and went shopping at a local designer outlet where I purchased a capsule holder for the new nespresso machine. And then it was time to make our way home. I had an amazing birthday and Chris completely surprised me. He got me good! And it was such an amazing thoughtful gift. I am one very lucky girl! 

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