Tuesday, 27 January 2015

I've made it to the second floor!

Hi there,

Hope you have all had great weekends, I certainly have as it was my birthday!!!!! I'm going to do a birthday recap in 2 parts, starting with saturday. 

First off the title of the post, is related to the picture below, I saw this and though haha my age means I've made it to the second floor. (Even though I actually made it last year) but new starts and all that. 

So I started the weekend with a lovely massage. I tell you I love those things, I had already been texted by my friend Danielle to say that she was going to be dropping round with my birthday pressie. When I got back from my massage, Chris had made a start plastering the fireplace. I had visions of Dani sat among buckets of plaster when she turned up, but had no need to worry as when she did arrive. She told me to get my coach on as she was taking me somewhere !!! I had no idea we were going out. Dani drove us to Catherine's house and when I got there, they had set up an amazing tea party for my birthday ! 

Catherine and Phoebe are amazing bakers and had made cucumber sandwiches, small breads filled with egg mayo, cheese, sausage rolls, and of course cake!!!!! It was totally unexpected and a complete surprise. Chris had been in on the whole thing. We had great fun discussing what the boys were getting up to, what they talk about, what we had all been up to. It was cut good fun to catch up and we spent most of the time giggling until it began to make Phoebe cough. For my next surprise I was then taken to the cinema to see 'Into the Woods' which was immensely good fun and made even better as I was watching it with my 3 best girlfriends. !!!! We had a fab time and made me realise how special these 3 ladies are and how much I love them. It was an ace way to spend an afternoon. Big thank yous and squidgy hugs to dani, Cathy and Phoebe for surprising me with a gorgeous afternoon tea and cinema visits. 

The surprises then continued as I spoke to my sister who lives in Singapore. We had a jolly good giggle as well and then she told what my birthday pressie is - flights to Singapore to see her! (Chris is also getting the same!) all being well, we will be visiting her in July. How awesome is that!!! Another amazing surprise. And so generous too, best of all I get to see my sister! 

There were more birthday surprises which I'll post tomorrow.

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