Friday, 23 January 2015

It's friiiiiiday!!!!!

Hi there, 

Well we made it folks! Friday is here. Woo-hoo! Bring on the weekend. This weekend I have an extended weekend as it will be my birthday on Monday. Chris and I have a few jobs planned and I have an essay to write, but have been told to keep my schedule clear?? Not sure why and Chris is giving nothing away. On Monday, I'll find out and let you know. 

So today I wanted to tell you about a technique that my one of my best friends, suggested to help with the depression. I've noticed a few of my favourite bloggers using the technique as well. (Clearly she has been talking to them too! ). At the end of the day, I think of 3 things that were good about the day. Because work at times can be quite difficult for me, I try and make one of my things about work. Each night as we lay in bed, I tell Chris my 3 things for the day and I have to say for me it really works. I'm not going to lie on odd days I have struggled to come up 1 let alone 3. (My standby is I have earned money today to pay towards our house). I love this technique! And what has happened is that during the day, when nice things happen, I appreciate it at the time and think "oh that's going on my list today". My three things from yesterday were:

1) a brilliant Tae Bo session. I felt awesome after it! 
2) finding out who had nominated me at work for a positive award and why. (I was seriously touched about this)
3) having a great cup of coffee and doing some menu planning.

Ooh, I'm in a good mood already. 

I also must share with you about our pigeon. We are in the process of taking out our grim 1970s brown gas fire and replacing it with a wood burner. We had noticed that a wood pigeon kept cooing and it was so loud we genuinely thought he was nesting in the chimney. (He isn't) since we have removed the gas fire, and stripped back the fireplace, the cooing has been getting louder as it now created an echo. The other day, there was so much cooing going on, Chris went to see if he could see the pigeon and sure enough, stood on top of the chimney,neither his beak pushed down the chimney was the pigeon, clearly enjoying the sound of his cooing. My friend Bec, who hates pigeons would have had a fit! Hahaha! 

And on that note, it's time for Tae Bo. Have a great day xx

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