Saturday, 31 January 2015

It's the weekend

Hi there

First of all Happy Pug Day!! Here's a picture for you.

I hope you have a great week and are enjoying the weekend!! This week for me has been really odd as I felt like I never really got going. I had two days off for my birthday and the second day was spent writing essays all day. Then on the Wednesday night we had lots of snow which meant that I need up taking a snow day on Thursday and then went into work on Friday so lots of stop start stop start. Chris has also had a really nasty bout of man flu, but is now recovering. 

But it's the weekend! We've already been very productive. More plaster is going on the fireplace, we have done a tip run, bought more plaster and as Chris announced "I'm living the dream, we own a Dyson" haha! Yes after months of swearing like a bunch of sailors at the old Hoover for its general rubbishiness we have now finally bitten the bullet and bought a Dyson and it's awesome!! 

I'm hoping normal service is resumed next week and I get back in my routines again. I have only exercised twice this week. I'm missing Billy!!!

It's only a quick stop by. As Chris is busy away plastering, I am gutting our paperwork, post etc. Are we rock and roll or what? 

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