Thursday, 22 January 2015


Hi there, I hope you are all ok and starting to look forward to the weekend.

So, this being the first week of my new hours is a lot about learning what works and what doesn't. Yesterday i decided to have a rest day from exercise and boy did I miss it. I love that for half an hour each day I will be doing some form of structured exercise (I know I've only done two days so far, but work with me here). So, no exercise, coupled with the fact that it was snowing and did not look like it was going to slow down, made me a bit anxious to say the least, and then I began thinking about work. Big mistake! So the late start felt like a bit of a bust, as I was thinking of going into work the whole time - getting there and what I was going to do at work once I was there. I hated it. 

So learning points, if not doing exercise, do something else or do exercise. Exercise calms me down, and brings me into the now as you are either counting or trying to do good form. And breathe.....

The snow, though, was gorgeous. As I said earlier I do dislike driving in snow and also seem to have developed a fear of falling over in it. But I find it incredibly beautiful to watch and I love the silence. The picture below was taken just before it began to really come down. Now in the garden, there is no green showing. But you can just make out the big, fat snowflakes coming down....

There's no business like snow business

Hope you all have a great day xx

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