Saturday, 31 January 2015

Things I'm currently loving

1) Pug Birthday cards - how well people know me! I got a load of pug cards for my birthday. I love pugs. Sadly Chris does not share my enthusiasm for all things pug. Hold on - how did that first card get in there? 

2) Our Nespresso machine - this was a complete splurge treat to ourselves over Christmas and I am so glad that we did it!! It makes the best coffee. We have one that comes with a frothy milk maker, so the coffee really does taste as good as any of the coffee houses. Bizarrely I now drink less caffeine, because the quality of coffee is sooooo good that I'm not bothered for the rest of the day about caffeine. And believe me, I had a serious coke habit ( that's coca cola, not the class A drug). Love, love, love the nespresso machine. 

3) Dropkick Murphys - loving this band and getting very excited at seeing them in March - woohoo!!!!

4) Snowy weather - I must qualify this by saying that I hate driving in it, but love seeing it on the ground, preferably from a window whilst holding a hot chocolate. We went over to the tip today and the view of snow on the Pennines was breathtaking. 

5) Robin of Sherwood - my sister and I used to watch this at 5.15pm on ITV back in the 1980s. Imagine my delight when I found it was available to watch on the Now telly box!!! What was very scary was that I can still remember quite a few lines from it. (Helen and I used to tape it and watch it ALL the time. Both of us cried when Michael Praed's Robin was killed off and even more gutted that he cut his flowing locks off and married a princess in Dynasty! 

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