Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Back to work

Happy hump day folks! 

I'm feeling a bit better now, so am back to work today. It's been a funny couple of weeks as both Chris and I have not been well and I feel well out of my routines. I'm going to focus on getting to the end of the week and then will be back on it next week. I've missed Billy Blanks so much this week! 

My top tips for sorting a cold out are - lots of bed rest, ibuprofen before bed, a lemsip/lemon drink when times are bad and not too much telly (I find it makes me really down!) and a good, long, hot shower. I am becoming slightly addicted to the 'Real Housewives of... Series" and "The Millionaire Matchmaker" although I am slightly disturbed by both of them. Patti from the Matchmaker programme keeps sorting out the millionaires, especially if they are only concerned for looks, but then keeps berating the dates if they are too fat, not tanned enough or is wanting to change their looks all the time.   I don't really get it, but there is something definitely addictive about this programme. 

Yesterday was Chris' birthday and I was gutted as I had cancel our reservations at Erics in Lindley. Chris has never been, and I've been a couple of times and really enjoyed it, so was looking forward to taking him. I've managed to reschedule it though and we are going on Saturday when hopefully we'll both be feeling back up to 100% and can actually taste and smell things again! Eric recently cooked for Arnold Schwarzenegger so we will definitely be in illustrious company! 

Chris put up with my cooking last night as I attempted to make him a steak dinner. (I'm not what you would call a natural cook). It went ok and I was really pleased with how the meat turned out. We finished with New York cheesecake and strawberries and enjoyed a glass of prosecco. Whilst I might not be able to compete with Erics, I did my best!!!

We ended the evening by talking with Rick and Christine on the iPad, who are currently in St Lucia volunteering at a school. They were making us giggle with stories about wheeling wheelbarrows through the centre of Castries and the things that the children have said. They are back very soon and we have missed them lots! 

Well I'd best be off to shower and get ready for work. Hope you have a great day xx

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