Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The year so far...

Hey there,

Hope you are having a good week. We are breaking the back of the week today as my mum used to say! My mum always could come out with some great phrases, especially as she gets her words confused a lot. My fave mum saying was "stop giving yourself toffee" (nope me neither) which meant stop showing off. There was also the incident where she announced she wanted to decorate the living room with a dildo rail. Hahaha! 

Anyhoo, as I touched on yesterday we have had a busy start to the year already!!! The first thing is that we have removed our 1970s brown fireplace. 

And are now ready to install a wood burner. Whoop whoop!!!

I can't believe this is finally happening!!!!!

The next thing to happen is that we have got rid of our carpet which was very worn. In our house, you walk straight into the living room, even though we have a mat, the carpet still got filthy. We have replaced this with wood laminate floor and it looks so much better and cleaner. 

We have picked up our kitchen ready to sand, paint and install

And I enjoyed an amazing birthday 

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