Monday, 16 February 2015

Valentines .... Yes really!

Hi there, 

Hope everyone is ok. I am back in my 10.30am routine and it is bliss. Last week was set to be back in routine but due to illness at work, I had to work full time. Well it damn near killed me! To say I have been doing 30 hours for only 3 weeks, I seem to have got remarkably used to it! 

It was valentines this weekend. For those of you that celebrate it, I hope you had a fab time. My facebook page was filled with loved up couples, an engagement and a wonderful story from my friend Dave about love. Dave is a friend from university, he is gigantic! He works out, has a beard and a bald head, drives a Harley and is one of the loveliest people you can ever meet. He put on facebook that his mum, who has sadly lost her husband was speaking with some good friends of hers about celebrating her first valentines without her husband. She explained that he always got her roses and a card and it was hard not to wake up to that for the first time. She was taking herself off to the cinema. When she got back, she found a card with 100 hand drawn roses, drawn by the family's children with a message saying that this could be her card and roses. What a wonderful, thoughtful gesture. It fair made Dave's mum's day. People can be really lovely can't they? 

We try and be romantic all year through and don't celebrate it. (Especially as on our first valentines we one of our few rows!) I got Chris a card and he hired me a Ford Transit Van ! (Yes really!) as we we were transporting a kitchen from rick and Christine's to our home! The living room is in disarray. But it will be worth it in the end. In case you are thinking this is a weird gift, it is a running joke. When Chris moved in, we hired a van and as it was considerably newer and more drivable then my then car, I loved it. This one was fab, so high and easy to drive except for the fact it was manual rather than automatic. So I had to get used to gears again. There were a few shonky gear changes I can tell you! 

Right I'd best be off. I am starting a run walk programme with my friend Cath and need to put my trainers on. 

It's lovely to be blogging again! 

Have a great day xx

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