Thursday, 5 March 2015

Bisexual glasses

Morning everyone, 

Hope you are all ok. The weekend is nearly here!!! 

Yesterday started with some lovely news, one of the blogs I featured on yesterday's post had an important announcement - she is 17 weeks pregnant!!! One of the comments is that it is funny how you can be so happy for someone you have never met and its soooo true. I have been reading the blog for a few years and was made up about the news. So many congratulations to Ryan and Julie. 

I met 2 of my former colleagues and nearly spat my soup out when Pat told me a story of her visit to the opticians. Having selected a new pair of bifocal specs, the assistant said that she could choose another pair half price. Pat decided on a new pair of sunglasses and as she couldn't remember the word for bifocal asked if the sunglasses were bisexual. Haha! Pat makes me giglgle so much. Adrian was also recounting stories whilst out delivering boxes about various strangers asking him for a lift home, including one old gent who asked Adrian to wheel him back to his sheltered housing as he was tired. (The chap was in a wheelchair BTW, Adrian wasn't sticking him on a trolley or anything) and Adrian being a kind chap, did. 

Then it was onto the evening meal where I met up with the Honley Ladies Gin and Stripper Nights. We always have such a giggle when we are together. The Honley Ladies are a group of neighbours and we have been going out together every few months or so for about 6 years. It's a great way to get together, and we always have such a giggle.

Right I'm off to get this day started....with another cup of coffee!

Have a good one xx

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