Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My favourite 3 blogs

Happy Wednesday! Without wanting to wish our time away, after today we are on our way to the weekend. I have a very exciting weekend planned and Chris will be joined by a certain 4 legged friend who turned 5 this week!

Today, due to some well dodgy planning, I am out for lunch and dinner. I am meeting some of my work colleagues retired and current for lunch and then for tea I am going out with the Honley Ladies Gin and Strippers group. Now before you think this blog has morphed into something different let me explain... We are not really strippers but decided to call ourselves something a little outrageous. We do drink gin, but we don't strip. Glad I cleared that up. 

I wante to muse today's post to signpost you to some great blogs that I read regularly. These blogs are amaaaazing and encouraged me to create this blog. I don't blog as a career, but I love having a record of things that I have done, people I have seen, books that I have read. You name it, it'll probably be in here. So here are the blogs that I love;

Written by Tina, this blog covers healthy, balanced eating, keeping well and fit, crossfit, running. Tina has just had a beautiful baby boy and shares what it is like to be a new mum. Tina has had some health issues, which she honestly and openly shares and which has helped other people. She has the most adorable pug called Murphy. I love this blog as it was one of the first I stumbled upon. The recipes are great and Tina shares recipes for all occasions. She has a brilliant balanced view on eating (the title of the blog should give it away). 

Julie has just moved to Charlotte with her husband Ryan and dog Sadie. Julie blogs about healthy eating, fitness, fashion and her adorable dog, Sadie. I love this blog as Julie is always so upbeat! She also shares what she eats which provides some great menu planning ideas. 

Please don't think I am obsessed with peanut butter in any way😄
Written by Jen, this is a beautiful blog with amazing photos. Jen is a yoga instructor, trainer, cross trainer, food blogger and mum to 2 beautiful golden retrievers. This woman is a machine with all of the fitness that she does, but her passions shines through and again has a wonderful balanced view of eating, so the blog does not feel preachy in any way. Again, there are great recipes to follow and I have actually cooked a few. (The pork loin recipe is pretty awesome!).

All 3 blogs post every day as a rule. Looking at my words above I defiantly seem to love my blogs that have fitness, balanced eating and cute dogs. Check them out! 

Have a good one! 

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