Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Weekend recap part one

Hey hey, how are you all doing? I hope you are having a great week so far. 

It's funny to be posting about my weekend on a Tuesday and it only be part one. It will be the next weekend before I know it. I will just post about weekends. Hahaa! Sounds like a plan to me. 

I had a fab weekend after what was a bit of a rubbish week. We curled up on Friday night and watch Gogglebox. That programme kills me. Who would have thought that a programme about people watching telly would be so funny. 

We did a few jobs on Saturday morning and then it was time to settle down to watch the opener of the ITU world triathlon series. It was in Abu Dhabi. First up was the women's race. Last years world champion, Gwen Jorgenson, was outstanding. At the start of the run, she was a minute down on the leader. She made up the time and overtook fast runner after fast runner, eventually winning the race. 

Then it was the men's race, with Yorkshire's Jonny Brownlee. The race was great. Jonny came 5th. He was doing really well, but then I'm not sure what happened during the swim-bike transition. He was at the front most of the way round and going into transition disappeared to the middle of the pack. Because the super fast runners got ahead, he held on for fifth place. Interviewed later, he said he made some errors but the first race is all about ironing out the kinks. 

Inspired by the amazing triathletes, I suddenly had a major hankering to go to the gym. It has been so long since I went, I forgot the way! Haha. I did an old, forgotten favourite and did a Caddy Tri !!! ( a 3k row, 10k bike ride and 3k run) love, love, loved it. 

Once we had finished, I did not fancy the tea we had planned and said to Chris that I had a real hankering for prawns and avocado. We popped to the supermarket and picked up a few bits. When we got home we had The Best Salad Ever. I inhaled it so did not mange to get a picture. But it had spinach, crumbled feta, balsamic vinegar, red pepper, prawns and avocado. Yum yum. It totally hot the spot!!!! 

Right I'd best get the day going. More weekend stuff tomorrow! 

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