Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Book Review - Fat Chance by Nick Spalding

Oh my days, I am so behind on my blogging it is untrue. I have so much to share with you including a day out at Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland Tea Parties, our new kitchen and tons of book reviews plus I have started a new fitness challenge. This week is going to be slightly challenging as I am working in a polling station all day on Thursday - don't forget to vote!!!!

So I'll kick off with a quick review of Fat Chance by Nick Spalding. I found this one on an Amazon kindle deal and it sounded fun so I went for it. Basically if you love the Biggest Loser tv series, you will love this too. 

Zoe and Gref Milton are a married couple who enter a Biggest Loser type contest at their local radio station. The book follows them through their weight loss journey and includes hilarious insights into those bonkers diets that we have all done at one time or another. I also enjoyed Greg's erm, fitness joiurney which starts off with a sadistic trainer and ends with him finding out about his love for running. 

I enjoyed this book, it made me laugh out loud at times and Greg and Zoe are really likeable characters. The best book is seeing the journey behind the weight loss. This would be a brilliant holiday beach read, just don't chortle too much! 

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