Friday, 17 April 2015

Book Review - How to have your cake and your skinny jeans too by JosieSpinardi

Hey there, it's been a while...
I have so much to catch up on- book reviews, Harry Potter, house renovations and exciting job news, I don't know where to start. Well in the words of Julie Andrews 'let's all start at the beginning, the beginning is a very good place to start'. We are currently doing up our kitchen at the moment, and by doing it up I mean ripping it out and putting a new one in. Eek! It's very exciting and I Now have a dishwasher and, new cooker and fridge freezer. Holy moly the dishwasher. I am seeing pots and pans returned to former glory with just one cycle of this machine. How have we ever lived without a dishwasher for all of these years? We have taken this week off and both have Monday off too. We have  painting, floors and tiling left to do, so no piccies yet, but soon my friends! 

So I'll kick off with a book review of Josie Spinardi's 'how to have your cake and skinny jeans too' and its a game changer. (The book not my review).

The book starts with the info that diets just do not work....ever. Of all diets undertaken 99.5% of them will fail and the weight will either stay the same or increase. Josie puts this in perspective, if you were to take a plane knowing that out of 100 times it flies, it will crash 99 times, would you take the plane. Obviously the answer is no. And it messes you up. Dieting does funny things to people and makes us crazy people. I know this, I have the T shirt. I have dieted for most of my adult life. I went on my first diet when I was 20 years old and it was a mistake, a massive one if you will excuse the pun. I binge eat regularly, even when my poor tummy can't take anymore. I restrict what I eat,I eat lots of foods I do not even like the taste of. (I'm looking at you ryvita!), I go into restaurants and even though I really fancy that amazing sounding salad, I will order the massive burger, not enjoy it, feel rubbish after it, and I did it because I was out and therefore should stuff my face, because I might not get another chance. 

I spent a lot of the book, reading it and recognising myself. 

Josie has taken inspiration from her naturally skinny friends. We all have those, the ones who eat what they fancy, don't stress about it and who stay lovely and thin. I have friends like this and am always astonished when I see the cake they have in the house, the fact that they are on first name terms with their local Thai takeaway and still look amazing. What Josie proposes is that such people do is listen to their bodies and let their bodies tell them what they would like. The human body is amazing and if it needs a nutrient, it will let us know if we listen to it and what it really wants. Josie has perfected 'Hunger Directed Eating' to help us do this. She also covers the minefield of the psychology of eating including how to recognise fake hunger and to address why we eat, when we are not hungry. 

This is an amazing book, it helps us let go of all of that negativity surrounding eating. The book spoke to em so much I ended up rereading and making notes on the book. And I am learning to let go of all of that crap that we say to ourselves when we so much as look at a cupcake or a Mars bar or whatever. This is 10/10 for me! 

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