Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Book Review - The Visitor by Lee Child

2 posts in one day, I am on fire! Hope it's going well. The sun is shining here so all is good.

Back to my marathon catch up of blog posts. I have recently discovered the books are of Lee Child and they are great. 

The main protagonist is Jack reacher who is a badass ex army guy, trying to live off the grid, 6 foot 7 tall and who can handle himself in difficult situations. In the book a number of women are dying in a bath full of army paint, these are women who have had discrimination cases against the army. The FBI's profiling team, profile the killer as a loner, ex army, able to handle himself and who likes to live off the grid. Hmmm sound like anyone we know? Reacher is picked up and interviewed and it turns out knew 2 of the suspects. Once Reacher is found to have an alibi, he reluctantly helps the FBI to track down the killer. At the same time, Reacher is also evaluating his own life having being left a house in a will, he has to decide whether to settle down or keep on moving. 

This book is tense and thrilling and will keep you guessing right to the very end. Reacher is great and despite his physicality, I most enjoy reading about him working through the evidence, there is almost something of Sherlock Holmes' 'mind palace' when he gets going. I will definitely keep on reading this series as I have not read a bad one yet. 

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