Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Harry Potter

Hey hey, how are you all doing? Hope this week is flying by for you. I cannot believe it is Thursday tomorrow. I have a long weekend and I cannot wait! Whoop whoop.

So way back in February the girls decided to take a road trip to the World of Harry Potter. This was to celebrate Catherine's birthday, but that weekend was also Phoebe's birthday. Hence the picture below. Phoebe was very excited to receive a Harry Potter set of pyjamas. 

We set off very early one Sunday morning, fuelled by ridiculous amounts of cake. Now I know this is supposed to be a blog about healthy living, but I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Dani had made 'the best lemon drizzle cake in the world' (her own words), Cath had made mojito cupcakes (these are amazing)' Phoebs had made carrot cake (awesome) and I brought a blackcurrant cake. So much cake.......

The World of Harry Potter is based at the Warner Brothers Studio where the films were made. And it's awesome. We arrived at our alloted time and admired the statues dotted around the outside, as we were queuing, we got to see the cupboard under the stairs where Harry lived whilst with the Dursleys. 

As the visit was a birthday present for Catherine, and with it being Phoebs birthday that week, the ladies got to open the doors to the Great Hall. There was a quick introduction from the guide and then you are left to your own devices. On display were costumes, props, rooms, models, drawings and information about how the magic was put into Harrry Potter. You can spend as long as you want touring the studios, the quickest has been 2 hours, the longest 9 hours. We spent a good 5 hours touring the studios. Halfway round though we had to stop for a butter beer!

The tour was amazing, I don't want to give too much away, but what blew me away was the detailing of everything produced for the film, regardless of how small or large a prop it was. 

An amazing day was enjoyed by these 4 ladies!!!

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