Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Adventures in Body Combat

Hey hey, long time no see. How are you all doing? Hope things are good.

So a quick check in to let you know about something funny that happened to me tonight.

I have been doing a Body Combat class for about a month now and I LOVE it. You remember how much I love Tae Bo right? Well this is the exercise class version of it. It's very HIIT so we have long periods of throwing fast punches or pretending to knee someone in the head. At the end I am dripping and usually beetroot red. Seriously? I do not glow....at all. In fact when people see me, they usually want to call an ambulance. But I digress. So Body Combat is a non contact exercise class set to some pumping tunes. The exercises involved are punches and kicks and we usually do a few squats, lunges and press ups for good measure. It's fab. I always end up 'in the zone'. By this I mean that you are so focused on throwing the right punch and keeping your body moving, it becomes almost meditative. As I say, I am a huge fan.

There are ladies and gentlemen of all ages and sizes, and it's so fab to see people really enjoying this workout.

So tonight I ended up next to a chap who seriously looked like he knew his way round a Muay Thai hall. He ended up next to me and threw himself with vigour into the workout. So much so, that he was slightly off beat with everyone else. I first noticed this as an arm whistled past my ear.

Then began the grunting.....

Now I have been known myself to adopt a snarl and in hard moments of the workout count or say what I am doing e.g. Jab, jab, jab, hook, etc. but this was proper, well, sexual grunts. There is no other word for it. Every time he threw a punch or kicked he made a sex noise.... Or whooped.  The girls in front of me quickly got wind of this and started to giggle. And then I began hoping they didn't think it was me!

The best about it was, and usually not being competitive at all, I realised that despite all of this grunting, he wasn't working any harder than me. My legs went up definitely higher then his.

But as I say, I am not in the least bit competitive.

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