Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all!!! I hope it was a fantastic time for you and your loved ones and that you are excited for 2018. I have already started my 2018 goals by starting day 1 of my run/ walk plan and celebrated by having a fry up. It's all about balance people!!!!

I didn't want to pass up the opportunity though to reflect on 2017 and all that it brought me and thought I would share my highlights because, well, 2017 has been pretty terrific.

I married my best friend on a beach in Barbados surrounding by our family.

I visited Basel, Barbados and Berlin. Clearly we got the memo about only visiting countries beginning with a B.

I started a new job working somewhere that I loved when I was a temp and consider myself blessed to work with such a wonderfully funny bunch of people who are fast becoming good friends.

I got to see a lot more of our local area, we took in the art at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and got a bit giggly at the Holmfirth Vineyard. We were proud to cheer a Yorkshire 1-2 at the ITU Leeds Triathlon.

I got to dance my socks off at Peter Kay's Dance for Life with my best friends.

I got a new car. We said goodbye to Elsie the Astra and hello Yoshi Yaris.

I finally felt like I am sorting my head out and learning to give myself a break.

I got to spend this wonderful year with all my family and my gorgeous friends, who always offer plenty of love and support.  Most of all I got to share so much with my best friend, my husband lovely Chris.


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